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Integrated System Implementation


CapActix provides year-end accounts finalization services. It is always messy and massive at the same time when it comes to year-end and closing up the accounting books. It takes patience, knowledge base and professional experience. Because completing the accounting task unprofessionally is something that misleads the organization, CapActix offers all kinds of professional accounts finalization services. It does not matter the type of software you are using or any kind of industry your organization is belonging to.

We understand the importance of timely completion and quality of resources required to deal with the complex situations and resolving accounting insoluble problems. We provide customized year-end finalization of accounts services based on the specific industry and required specific factors. We understand how to organize the finalization of accounts properly and hence, we provide constant guidance to our clientele through virtual accounting services.

Our year-end finalization of accounts service includes:

  • Making invoices in accordance with the delivery of goods and services and estimates

  • Updating the systems with new invoices

  • Accounts receivable information is promptly updated

  • Regular communication for collecting receivables

  • Update on receipts for the ledger of accounts receivable

  • Updating the advances that were received in addition to receipts for credit sales, etc.

  • handling the unpaid invoices by posing the proper questions

  • Account statements must be prepared, and clients must be updated for reconciliation.

  • updating clients and other touch points for discrepancies in the account statement reconciliation of records.

  • various analyses of accounts receivable, including analyses of ageing, company segments, client areas, etc.

  • Prediction of future cash flows based on current receivables

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