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Internal Control Consulting Services

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Risk management and internal control are some of the core imperatives for improving the organization’s internal ecosystem. To conduct better predictive decisions, establishing efficient and standardized processes is important. Considering the era of digitization, the organizations are putting internal control systems on the top of all priorities. Also, the periodical reviews of the business processes and deployed controls are helping to ensure the better-designed system. A system that intends for continuous addressing of identified and targeted risks.

CapActix offers extensive risk management service for the better tomorrow of the organizations.

A well-defined internal control system benefits the business in managerial decisions as well as secure investments & improved risk management factors. This eventually leads to an increase in associated stakeholders’ value. If you are looking for one of the affordable and advanced risk management service providers, do consider hiring a professional service provider such as CapActix.

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  • Primary as well as Alternative Unit of Measurement

  • Inventory Tracking System

  • Inventory Cost Allocation

  • Batch Number and Expiry Date Tracking

  • Inventory alerts

  • Accounting tools or tie-ins

  • Reporting tools

  • And other more imperatives

  • Order picking support

  • Automatic reorder

  • Inventory forecasting tools

  • Barcoding support

  • Point of Sales Support

  • Inventory Coding System

  • Multiple Warehouse management

  • Multiple Inventory Categories

  • Multiple Pricing Strategy

  • Different Inventory Valuation options​

  • Default Accounting Allocation

Inventory management systems come in a wide range of price points due to their considerable variance in scope. To do the inventory tasks fast and effectively, we purchase inventory management software for small businesses. Our outsourcing services for inventory management are reasonable and have a solid track record.

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