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Accounts Receivable Outsourcing & Accounts Payable Outsourcing

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Accounts payable and receivable management outsourcing services are offered by BnC Global. Businesses are a collective phrase that includes a variety of entities, including suppliers, clients, payment and non-payment terms, etc. Making some sophisticated systems and monitoring cash flow are crucial to managing the business effectively. It is essential for any firm to continuously track its earnings and investments if it wants to manage clients and business partners simultaneously with a positive experience. Businesses can maintain accounts receivable and payable by using our outsourced accounts payable and accounts receivable services. 

Tracking accounts payable and receivable is a difficult process for effective accounting management. Without a creative staff with a specialty in accounts payable and receivable outsourcing services, managing such issues is challenging.

Both high-level management and cash flow maintenance are necessary. Another crucial component of every organisation is the monitoring of consumer receipts.

BnC Global is essential to the management of the organization's accounts payable and receivables outsourcing projects. In order to avoid having to hire a whole team for these responsibilities, the company can just concentrate on the production hours and business negotiations.

To make sure that an organisation is getting paid on time, BnC offers frequent follow-ups and keeps an eye on regular operations and business dealings with the clients. In order to contact with the recognised clients of the company or organisation for outsourcing accounts receivable services, we need the pertinent information.

The following describes the range of our accounts receivable outsourcing services:

AR AP Management.png

Making invoices in accordance with the delivery of goods and services and estimates

Updating the systems with new invoices

Accounts receivable information is promptly updated

Regular communication for collecting receivables

Update on receipts for the ledger of accounts receivable

Updating the advances that were received in addition to receipts for credit sales, etc.

handling the unpaid invoices by posing the proper questions

Account statements must be prepared, and clients must be updated for reconciliation.

Updating clients and other touch points for discrepancies in the account statement reconciliation of records.

Various analyses of accounts receivable, including analyses of ageing, company segments, client areas, etc.

Prediction of future cash flows based on current receivables

The following describes the range of our accounts receivable outsourcing services:


Depending on the purchase order, the accounting system updates Bills and notes for goods receipts

Examining the vendors' approvals in light of purchase orders and vendor follow-ups

Getting rid of problems with the following points:

Purchase orders that aren't authorised or budgeted

Unauthorized receipt of goods or services

Non-receipt of goods/services despite bills from vendors

Inconsistency between vendor bills and the purchase order

Errors in computation on the suppliers' bill

Bills from vendors are posted to the accounting system.

Advice on discount availability and early payment

Writing payment instructions for the upcoming payments

Different drafting is used for the statement for the vendor accounts as well as the credit and debit notes

Reunion of the vendor account statement

Timely notification of unpaid supply amounts, unfulfilled PO commitments, etc.

Analysis of segments, ageing of payables, etc.

Analysis of vendors' past purchases and price patterns

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