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Accounting Policy Preparation Services 

Our Accounting Policy Preparation services encompass the creation and documentation of a company's accounting policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with pertinent accounting standards and regulations. These policies provide a crucial framework for the efficient functioning of the accounts department.


Accounting rules and procedures not only establish a step-by-step guide to interconnected operations but also furnish an essential checklist that enhances the streamlined operation of the accounts department. When firm policies and procedures are correctly implemented initially, ongoing supervision becomes unnecessary, and the company can operate smoothly even in the absence of direct oversight. For instance, if you establish a policy against accepting post-dated checks, your staff will consistently adhere to this policy, ensuring operational consistency.

Although the process of developing accounting standards and procedures for small businesses may appear labor-intensive, the long-term benefits make it a valuable investment. At BnC, we specialize in assisting enterprises and manufacturing companies with a range of services, including accounting process analysis, research into best industry practices, policy preparation, and procedure management. Furthermore, we can assist in job assignments and ensure the optimal training for the implementation of these enhanced policies and procedures.

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The creation of appropriate policies and procedures involves several crucial steps:

Structuring the Framework:

Our team assesses the overall number of parts or procedures, such as accounts payables, fixed assets, cash, and banking. Each policy and practice is assigned a unique reference number to facilitate easy identification and transparent organization.

Clear and Effective Communication

It's vital to remember that firm policies and procedures are utilized by individuals with diverse backgrounds in terms of education, experience, and interests. Some users may not be well-versed in technical business language. Therefore, BnC ensures that the documentation is presented in a clear, engaging, and concise manner.

Tailored Internal Controls:

Establishing robust internal controls for small business accounting practices is a fundamental aspect of our standardization process. Our aim is to provide a sound framework for managing and maintaining these policies and procedures in alignment with your specific business requirements.

Customized Templates

We understand that each business is unique and has its own distinct requirements. Consequently, our services are tailored to suit the specific needs of your organization. This results in the formulation of customized templates for documentation, making the writing process more user-friendly.

Checklists and Visual Aids:

Visual information has a powerful impact on understanding and retention. To enhance clarity, we present procedures as flowcharts associated with the policy reference points. These flowcharts are strategically placed in areas relevant to manufacturing businesses' policies.

By following these steps, we create a tailored and effective set of accounting policies and procedures that ensure operational efficiency and compliance with industry standards.

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