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We have a perfect solution to maximize your profitability with high-quality services


Are you in search of the finest outsourcing company capable of delivering precise and pertinent cost insights for your products or brands? 

Are you grappling with the challenge of elevating the profitability and efficiency of your business operations?

If your answer is yes, then you've found the premier provider of cost accounting services. 

Cost analysis, sometimes referred to as benefit-cost analysis, is a systematic process utilized to pinpoint solutions that offer the most effective path to delivering benefits while preserving savings across transactions, activities, and essential business requirements. This approach is frequently employed when assessing commercial or policy decisions. 

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BnC is a prominent player in the cost accounting outsourcing industry, well-equipped to assist you with a wide array of cost accounting needs at an economical price range. Our services provide invaluable insights into enhanced cost transparency, aiding in the identification of inefficiencies. 

BnC boasts a team of trained experts proficient in assessing overall expenditures and enhancing your cost-effective strategies. Our professionals possess extensive experience in cost analysis accounting services and have collaborated with manufacturing firms.

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Our cost accounting service

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Cost, Variance, Break-Even, Contribution, and Overhead Analysis


Cost analysis is a systematic process used to identify solutions that offer the optimal strategy for delivering benefits while preserving savings for transactions, activities, and essential business requirements. It is frequently applied when evaluating commercial or policy decisions.


Steps in Cost Analysis:

  • Set goals and objectives

  • Identify and categorize costs and benefits

  • Establish a timeline for expected costs and revenue

  • Monetize costs and benefits

  • Discount costs to determine the present value

  • Calculate the net present value


Steps for contribution analysis

  • Keep revising the data from time to time

  • Analyze the performance

  • Gather data

  • Develop the process

  • Set out the problem


Contribution analysis involves ongoing data review, performance analysis, data gathering, process development, and problem definition. It assesses a product's contribution while considering internal and external influences, highlighting their impact on fixed expenses and individual unit sales.


Variance analysis entails identifying and resolving deviations from target levels. It investigates the reasons for disparities between actual and projected costs, providing recommendations for corrective action.


Steps under variance analysis

  • Determine the variance between expected and actual costs

  • Identify the causes of the variance

  • Report findings to management

  • Implement corrective actions

Break even

Break-even analysis enables businesses to:

  • Determine the level of sales volume or value

  • Assess profits and losses at different production and sales levels

  • Predict the impact of changes in sales and prices


We pinpoint the business's chance of survival using this approach. We calculate the level of sales volume or value by measuring the profit and losses at various production and sales levels.


Here, we identify and eliminate deviations from the target level. We examine the reasons why real and predicted costs differ and offer remedial recommendations to reduce variations. We look into the reasons of the deviation under variance analysis and make appropriate corrections.


Overhead analysis enables a business organization to

  • Estimate the cost of each product

  • Calculate the cost of work in progress

  • Attempt to control costs by comparing actual and expected costs

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