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Your journey at BnC promises a unique blend of experiences, allowing you to collaborate with both industry-leading giants, including the BIG 4 firms, and our own BnC team. 

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Temporary Staffing

Tired of no growth? Looking to enhance your skills?  Need time to Learn?

Embark on a Temporary Consulting Role with BnC

  1. Secure an 8-12 Months Job Guarantee, either at BnC or with Industry-Leading Companies, including the BIG 4.

  2. Gain hands-on experience in consulting assignments under the direct guidance of our Directors.

We aim to equip you through practical assignments, enhancing your skills in:

  • People Management

  • Subject Expertise

  • Task Execution

  • Email Correspondence

  • Managing Challenging Situations

  • Proficient Report Writing

Your ambition is as bold as ours.

BNC provides platform for learning and training along with on the job training. Thus moulding an amateur into professtional consultants.

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