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Your journey in BNC shall be mix of working with BIG 4s and Industry best companies as well as with BNC 

Temporary Staffing

Tired of no growth! Looking to enhance skills!  Need time to Learn!

Join BNC as Temporary Consultants

Benefits: 8-12 Months Job Guarantee at BNC or at Industry Best Companies including BIG 4. 

You will get chance to work in consulting assignments directly monitored by Directors. Our endevours is to train you in real life assignemnts and improve 


  • People management

  • Subject knowledge

  • Handling Assignment

  • Drafting Emails

  • Handle tough scenarios

  • Report writing

We’re Hiring

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Your ambition is as bold as ours.

BNC provides platform for learning and training along with on the job training. Thus moulding an amateur into professtional consultants.

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