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Outsourced Tax Preparation

We specialize in delivering exceptional tax preparation outsourcing services to CPAs, EAs, Accounting, and Tax Firms across the USA. Our commitment to maintaining meticulous accounts, records, and reports in strict compliance with tax regulations allows us to effectively support you during the hectic tax season.


We offer year-round and year-end comprehensive range of tax preparation services to meet your unique accounting and taxation needs. Our team of highly skilled tax preparers is dedicated to maximizing your tax benefits without straining your budget. By leveraging our CPA tax preparation services, you can streamline the intricate process of matching tax information and preparing returns for your clients, saving valuable time and resources.


Outsourcing tax preparation to India presents an opportunity for both individual businesses and CPA firms to benefit from accurate tax processing. This strategic move enables CPA firms to focus on acquiring more revenue-generating clients and providing them with value-added services, while ensuring that tax-related tasks are expertly handled.


Why Opt for Outsourced Tax Preparation Services?

Our team of external tax preparers is here to make your life easier. With an 80% cost-saving advantage and a 150% faster turnaround time, we take the complexity out of tax calculation, preparation, and filing. Our seamless and expert tax preparation outsourcing services are designed to alleviate staffing shortages and reduce the stress associated with tax season.

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Our Outsourcing CPA Tax Preparation Process

We begin by requesting all relevant data from the customer via a secure file-sharing interface, including pertinent documents, financial statements, and tax organisers for the current tax year. When we receive information, we first verify its accuracy by comparing it to the prior year's return (if applicable) and noting any carrying forward balances. We review and double-check the balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and other pertinent data received from the client for the 3C's, or correctness, consistency, and completeness, before entering the data into the tax preparation software so that any apparent mismatch can be identified and fixed before beginning the return preparation process.

Our Outsourcing CPA Tax Preparation Process

Our process begins by securely collecting all necessary data from our clients via a dedicated file-sharing platform. This includes crucial documents, financial statements, and tax organizers for the current tax year. Once we have the information, we kickstart our meticulous accuracy check by comparing it to the previous year's return (if applicable) and taking note of any carried-over balances. We meticulously review and cross-verify the balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and other relevant data provided by the client, focusing on the three C's: correctness, consistency, and completeness. Only after ensuring that all data aligns seamlessly do we proceed to input it into the tax preparation software, allowing us to spot and rectify any discrepancies before embarking on the return preparation process.

After confirming the accuracy of the provided information, we gain access to the client's system and tax software to process all elements, including deductions, credits, carryover balances, and other relevant components, within the tax preparation program. Subsequently, we furnish clients with PDF files containing their tax returns and computations, accompanied by our observations, queries, and comments. Any necessary adjustments are executed only after receiving the client's approval, at which point the return is ready for filing. Our CPA tax preparation outsourcing process encompasses the following key stages:

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The following is part of our CPA tax preparation

outsourcing process:

1. Document Receipt


We initiate the process by thoroughly reviewing the tax organizer, source documents, and financial statements to identify any missing or incomplete data.


2. 3C's Verification


We conduct a comprehensive review of all written materials, focusing on ensuring correctness, consistency, and completeness.


3. Tax Preparation


Our team diligently inputs the collected data into the client's tax software, adhering to all relevant tax laws and regulations.


4. Balance Sheet Examination and Submission


Before proceeding further, we carefully examine and validate the accuracy and authenticity of the return, seeking client approval for the PDFs.


5. Verification and Completion


After receiving confirmation from the client, we proceed to submit the prepared return to the appropriate revenue authority.

Our CPA tax preparation outsourcing services cover a wide range of tax forms, including:

  • Forms 1040, 1040NR, 1040A, and 1040EZ for individuals.

  • Joint Venture: Form 1065.

  • Forms 1120, 1120A, and 1120S for corporations (statutory corporations).

  • Form 990 for non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

  • Form 1041 for fiduciaries.

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