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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Audit Support Service

Outsourced Auditing Services for CPA and Accounting Companies

Accounting, Catchup or Cleanup, Tax filling, or Audit– CPA firms often face the challenge of meeting stringent deadlines. This process can be time-consuming, as highly qualified auditors are tasked with meticulously reviewing and validating all documents against financial records.


At BNC, we specialize in providing comprehensive audit support services to CPA firms and accounting professionals. Our dedicated team of seasoned auditors excels at efficiently managing Accounting Audit Services, thereby, alleviating the burden on your team. Our goal is to free up your valuable time for you to carry on your audits with precision and success.

Audit Support Service by BnC Global

The following are the audit support services we offer:

Audit Support Service by BnC Global

Financial statement audit

Tax Audit


Tax Audit

Forensic Audit

Internal Audit Sales

Compliance Audit


A group of CPAs, EAs, and CAs with substantial auditing experience

The speed with which the audit was completed

Error Free deliverables foster client trust and boost income by introducing a new service stream

Available round-the-clock for any issue

BnC's skilled and knowledgeable team not only completes the audit but also uniformizes and simplifies workflow.

Included in our audit outsourcing service are:


To guarantee that all areas and tasks are effectively coordinated among team members, we make sure to offer adequate attention throughout the planning stage. Our group can assist you with the following:

Putting together the documentation and the audit's detailed requirements list

Using audit software, roll forward the electronic audit file from the previous year

Converting a paper audit file to an electronic one using Excel

Accurate mapping and trial balance tallying

Preliminary analysis of the audit file from the prior year

Executing and recording instructions for internal controls

Looking at the opening balances

Calculating materiality and selecting samples

Checking books of accounts for their compliance with GAAP


Our skilled audit team takes into account the following responsibilities to ensure smooth execution:

Why Choose BnC for Your External Audit Needs:

1. Seasoned Expertise: Our team comprises CPAs, EAs, and CAs with extensive auditing experience

2. Efficiency: We prioritize timely completion, delivering swift audit services without compromising on quality or accuracy.

3. Error-Free Assurance: Our commitment to error-free deliverables not only instills client trust but also opens up new revenue streams by enhancing your reputation.

4. 24/7 Availability: We are at your prompt service around the clock

5. Workflow Enhancement: Beyond audit management, our adept team streamlines and simplifies your workflow, optimizing efficiency in your operations.

Components of Our Audit Outsourcing Service

Strategic Planning

We prioritize effective coordination among team members during the planning phase to ensure a seamless audit process. Our team offers valuable support in this critical stage:

Compiling detailed documentation and an audit requirements list.

Utilizing audit software to seamlessly roll out electronic audit files from the previous year.

Converting paper-based audit files into electronic formats using Excel.

Precise mapping and tallying of trial balances.

Preliminary analysis of the previous year's audit files.

Executing and meticulously recording instructions for internal controls.

Thorough examination of opening balances.

Calculating materiality thresholds and selecting audit samples.

Rigorously assessing books of accounts for adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


Our proficient audit team assumes the following responsibilities for a seamless execution phase:

Assisting in the preparation, verification, and review of working papers.

Evaluating internal controls and meticulously gathering audit evidence.

Systematic indexing and validation of audit evidence.

Summarizing audit findings, establishing cross-references among documents, and offering recommendations for streamlining the review process.

Applying casting methods to ensure internal consistency, mathematical precision, and alignment of lead schedules with final accounts.

Conducting substantive tests and assessing risks.

Facilitating the distribution of balance confirmations.

Conducting a comprehensive end-to-end audit.

Finalization and Precision

As we approach the conclusion, our focus remains on:

Precision in preparing and reviewing high-quality financial statements.

Independent scrutiny of audit files to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Compiling key points for a management letter.

Crafting informative memos addressing accounting or auditing challenges.

Generating internal audit reports based on risk assessments.

Collaboratively developing and implementing effective accounting policies and practices.

Establishing and executing robust internal control procedures.

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