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Inventory Management

BnC Global stands out as a premier provider of cost-effective inventory management outsourcing services. The responsibility of effective inventory management demands a proactive and precise approach. It's a task no company can afford to take lightly, which is why outsourcing it to experts like BnC Global is a wise choice.

Our innovative outsourced inventory management solutions are designed to track products efficiently and update systems in real-time. The inventory process involves several critical steps, from procurement and stocking to production, sales, and delivery to customers. Businesses rely on expert analysis, inventory reports, and data insights to make informed decisions, as customer preferences heavily influence product management.

BnC excels in averting inventory shortages, ensuring that products are readily available when customers need them. We understand the importance of maintaining optimal inventory levels, and we tailor our solutions to meet specific company needs.

Our approach is flexible, adapting to various product types and stock shortfalls, and we specialize in managing diverse inventory types, including raw materials, finished goods, transportation inventory, cycle inventory, decoupling, anticipation, and more. With our dedicated team of professionals, we're fully equipped to cater to your unique inventory management requirements.

  • Order picking assistance

  • Automated reorder capability

  • Tools for inventory forecasting

  • Support for barcoding

  • Point-of-sale assistance

  • Inventory coding system

  • Management of multiple warehouses

  • Creation of multiple inventory categories

  • Implementation of various pricing strategies

  • Options for different inventory valuation methods

  • Default accounting allocation

  • Primary and alternative units of measurement

  • System for tracking inventory

  • Allocation of inventory costs

  • Tracking batch numbers and expiry dates

  • Alerts for inventory management

  • Integration with accounting tools

  • Reporting capabilities

BnC offers inventory management outsourcing with significant benefits in key business areas.


Inventory management solutions span a diverse spectrum of pricing, reflecting their varying levels of functionality and capabilities. In pursuit of streamlined and efficient inventory management, we invest in specialized software tailored for small businesses. Our outsourced inventory management services are not only cost-effective but also backed by a proven track record of success.

BnC provides dependable inventory management outsourcing services that deliver tangible benefits to businesses across various sectors, including:

A. Manufacturing Inventory Management Services

In the manufacturing sector, our comprehensive inventory management services facilitate a seamless process flow, encompassing the following key stages:

1. Purchase Order Management

2. Material Receipt and Inspection

3. Job Card and BOM Preparation by the Production Department

4. Stock Requisition Submission from the Production Department to the Store Department

5. Material Issuance by the Store Department

6. Finished Goods Production

7. Quality Testing

8. Sale of Goods

Task orders and Bill of Materials (BOM) serve as essential tools for seamless transfer of inventory throughout the manufacturing process. To ensure this smooth flow, it is imperative to meet the following requirements:

1. Efficient Inventory Management for Raw Materials and Finished Goods

2. Proper Documentation via Stock Issue Notes, Stock Requisition Notes, and Bill of Materials

3. Well-Organized Warehouses for Material Processing

4. Ongoing Inventory Assessment

5. Automated Reordering Mechanisms

6. Seamless Integration with ERP or Maintenance Software

Effective inventory tracking across diverse jobs and tasks not only enhances revenue visibility but also simplifies the management of even the most intricate manufacturing endeavors. This is precisely why trusted firms like BnC Global, renowned for their innovative inventory management solutions, play a pivotal role in boosting corporate profitability.

The scope of processes that each individual entity seeks to monitor, significantly influences the range of inventory management solutions available. From automated recording to integrated warehouse management systems and real-time tracking, we offer a versatile array of practical inventory management systems to cater to your unique needs.

B. Warehouse Inventory Management Services

Effectively managing a warehouse requires a diverse set of elements. The primary advantage of an inventory management system in a warehouse setup is the ability to swiftly locate items.

Key components in a warehouse environment encompass:

1. Modern Barcode Systems, including adherence to standards like QR codes

2. Support for Multiple Locations

3. Bin Monitoring Programs

4. Order Picking Assistance

A software-based warehouse management system mitigates errors that may arise from human oversight. Furthermore, it offers additional benefits such as the capability to identify expired items and establish reorder thresholds.

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