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Tax Preparation Services comprises of:- 


Why not the outsourcing process?


One of the most pressing concerns that clients have while outsourcing their services to a third-party organization is -

Whether they have the required infrastructure, resources, expertise and experience to provide better results?

What is the work approach followed by the outsourcing company ? Will the results be as expected or not?

Outsourcing accounting work can be a smart decision for business’s looking to streamline their operations and focus on core competencies. Here are the general steps involved in outsourcing accounting work:


By following these steps, you can ensure a successful outsourcing partnership that provides high-quality accounting services and supports your business goals




Our Working Mechanism

  • Virtual Assistance

  • Remote working through BnC Global

  • Hybrid working


Virtual Tax Preparers

Virtual Assistance

Online Tax Preparation



These are tax professionals who

work remotely and offer tax

preparation services via video

conferencing, phone, or email.

They can help with more complex

tax situations and

provide personalized guidance.

These are web-based platforms that allow users to prepare and file their taxes electronically. Popular

examples include TurboTax,

H&R Block, and Tax Act.


Remote Working

Part time hiring from BnC Global

A great way for small businesses or individuals  to manage

their finances without having to hire a full-time accountant.

A part time hiring can benefit you with:


Technical Efficiency

Job Responsiblities


Cost Savings

Neither overstaffing nor understaffing

would be followed.

Update skills of even the part time is an important concern.

The job responsibilities can vary

depending on requirements

Availability of qualified staff

with accounting expertise

Hiring a part-time employee is

more cost effective. Payment’s are hourly or on a project basis which minimizes cost's accordingly


Hybrid Working

A full-time hiring from an outsourcing agency for accounting services can be a great option for businesses that need a dedicated accounting professional but don't want to hire someone in-house but want them recruited from BnC Global.

The Benefits Include:


Such a hiring provides consistency and stability to the business. They can be relied upon to work regular hoursand maintain a consistent level of productivity.

Long-term cost savings:

While a full time hiring require a higher salary and benefits package than a part time hiring over the long-term, proving to be more


Skills and expertise:

Hiring of this type can bring specialized skills and expertise to the business. This can be especially beneficial for businesses in niche industries or with specific technical needs.

Improved Efficiency:

This mechanism of hiring works on

multiple projects and tasks

throughout the day, which can help

to imporve efficency and reduce

the overall workload for the business.

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