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Xero Accounting

XERO Accounting

The evolution of your company depends on the integration of technology into your operational processes, and the landscape of accounting is undergoing a rapid transformation with the advent of cloud accounting. This innovative approach offers speed, security, and user-friendliness. With just a simple click, cloud-based accounting provides you with a comprehensive overview of your financial health and simplifies the management of daily transactions. In this realm, the spotlight falls on Xero, the cloud-based accounting software tailored for small enterprises. However, utilizing such software and manually inputting daily transactions can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Small business owners often find themselves mired in the complexities of accounting, diverting their attention from their core business objectives. At BnC, we step in with our Xero Setup and Xero Accounting Services, offering invaluable assistance to small businesses in maintaining accurate financial records.

As one of the leading accounting outsourcing companies, we possess extensive expertise in Xero Bookkeeping Services. Our team of Xero adviser professionals excels in various aspects, including Xero setup, seamless migration to Xero, chart of accounts creation, meticulous bookkeeping, efficient payroll management using Xero, and the generation of comprehensive financial statements. With BnC by your side, you can navigate the intricacies of Xero with confidence.

XERO Setup Services, XERO Accounting Services, and

XERO Book-keeping Services

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We offer the following Xero Accounting Services and Xero Bookkeeping Services:

1. Chart of Accounts Setup   

2. Effortless Invoicing

3. Streamlined Receipt Management

4. Simplified Purchase Orders

5. Scrutinisation of Vendor Invoice Management

6. Project Profitability Tracking

7. Tax Compliance

8. Efficient Payroll Processing

9. Comprehensive Tax Reporting

10. Adjustment Entries

11. Banking Transactions Recording

12. Month/Year-End Closures


  1. Comprehensive Quote Analysis

  2. Effortless Invoice Transmission

  3. Payment Record-Keeping

  4. Customer Aging Management

  5. Reporting and Cash Flow Projection


  1. Streamlined Bank Record Management

  2. Efficient Reconciliation with credit card data

  3. Check Order Management

  4. Balance Sheet Precision


  1. Streamlined bill payment and receipt processing

  2. Payment Scheduling and Authorization

  3. Payment Processing

  4. Vendor Queries Handlin


  1. Balance Sheet

  2. Income declaration 

  3. Balance Test

  4. Statement Statement of Funds Flow

  5. Bank Reconciliation Report

  6. Comprehensive general ledger report

  7. Fixed Asset Account Management


  1. Payroll Setup

  2. Payday Computations for both contractors and employees

  3. Payroll Tax Management by completing forms like 941, 1099, 940, and 944, and submitting quarterly state tax returns.

  4. Payroll Reconciliation with quarterly returns 

  5. Year-End Reporting by generating W2 forms


At BnC, we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate and optimize all aspects of your company's processes, including accounting. Our Xero Accounting and Outsourced Xero Bookkeeping Services provide you with a comprehensive view of your company's financial information. Contact us today to explore the exceptional capabilities of our accounting software.

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