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Working Capital Management Services 

The management of an organization's short-term assets and liabilities to ensure that it has sufficient liquidity to meet its financial obligations


Your company's cash flow may be disrupted by things like economic cycle phases, business dynamics, growth functions, and challenging periods. The management of payables and receivables is crucial during these times. A wise choice not only enhances cash flow but also contributes to more predictability.

The following services are included in BnC Global's cash flow management offerings, however, they are not the only ones:

Also, thorough annual cash flow forecasts and 13-week rolling cash balances are prepared and managed


Accelerating the collection of all past-due debts to improve cash flow


As possible, reviewing, identifying, and offering advice on negotiating payment conditions with trade payables


Finding ways to improve trade receivables collection terms to boost cash flows


Examining stock turnover and inventory age


Reviewing and examining every activity that involves a direct financial inflow or outflow to better understand the cash flow system of the business


Assessing all bankers and suggesting better options, such as alternate forms of credit or better credit conditions


Sensitivity analysis to develop new strategies and revise an existing plan to increase cash flows

The team at BnC helps businesses and provides working capital management services that enhance small enterprises' cash flow management. Our working capital management services assist businesses in putting in place the required procedures and systems to improve their working capital management.

Here are a few of the tasks that we complete:

Examining every facet of working capital management and outlining each participant's obligation to maintain balance

Establishing a benchmark and overseeing a schedule for the cycles of payables and receivables

Creating a system to periodically check it, together with a precise working capital flow forecast, and managing daily reports

Identifying the areas for improvement in the cash conversion processes and coming up with solutions

Helping businesses create or improve working capital lines with banks for managing small business cash flow

Guidance how to negotiate better conditions for payments and collections

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