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Accounts Receivable  & Accounts Payable Outsourcing

BnC Global offers comprehensive outsourcing services for accounts payable and receivable management. Within the realm of business, various entities such as suppliers, clients, payment terms, and non-payment terms bind together to form a complex ecosystem.

Establishing sophisticated systems and vigilant cash flow monitoring is paramount to effective business management. Continuous tracking of earnings and investments is important for maintaining harmonious relationships with clients and business partners.

Our outsourced accounts payable and accounts receivable services empower businesses to streamline their financial processes. The meticulous tracking of accounts payable and receivable can be a formidable challenge in accounting management. Without a dedicated team specialized in accounts payable and receivable outsourcing services, tackling such intricacies becomes all the more exhaustive.

Effective leadership and meticulous cash flow management stand as indispensable pillars in organizational success. Yet, another critical facet of any thriving enterprise is the vigilant monitoring of consumer receipts.

At BnC Global, we play a pivotal role in the efficient management of an organization's accounts payable and receivables outsourcing endeavors. This allows businesses to divert their resources toward production hours and strategic negotiations, rather than hiring an entire in-house team for these functions.

To ensure consistent revenue, BnC provides a proactive approach by conducting regular follow-ups and closely monitoring day-to-day operations and interactions with clients. To engage with the esteemed clientele seeking our outsourcing accounts receivable services, we rely on essential client-specific information.

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Our comprehensive range of accounts receivable outsourcing services encompasses:

1. Timely generation of invoices post the delivery of goods and services, along with estimates.

2. Seamless integration of new invoices into the systems.

3. Swift and accurate updates to accounts receivable information.

4. Regular and effective communication for the purpose of receivables collection.

5. Thorough updates on receipts in the ledger of accounts receivable.

6. Timely updates on advances received, in addition to receipts for credit sales, and more.

7. Expert handling of unpaid invoices through appropriate questioning.

8. Preparation of account statements and proactive client updates for reconciliation.

9. Timely communication with clients and relevant touchpoints regarding any discrepancies in account statement reconciliation.

10. Diverse analysis of accounts receivable, including aging reports, segmentation by company, client areas, and more.

11. Forecasting future cash flows based on the current state of receivables.

Our comprehensive range of accounts payable outsourcing services encompasses the following key components:

1. Streamlining purchase order integration in alignment with goods receipts, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

2. Meticulous scrutinization of vendor approvals, cross-referencing them with purchase orders and maintaining open lines of communication with vendors.

3. Resolving potential problems by addressing:

   - Purchase orders lacking proper authorization or budget allocation.

   - Unauthorized receipt of goods or services.

   - Instances of non-receipt of goods/services despite vendor billing.

   - Discrepancies between vendor bills and purchase orders.

   - Identification and rectification of computation errors in supplier bills.

4. Efficient posting of vendor bills to ensure an organized financial record

5. Guidance on discount availability and early payment options

6. Custom payment instructions for upcoming payments

7. Comprehensive documentation of vendor account statements, credit notes, and debit notes

8. Vendor account reconciliation

9. Timely notification of unpaid supply amounts and unfulfilled purchase order commitments

10. In-Depth Analysis of segments, aging of payables, and vendors' past purchase patterns and price trends

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