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Payroll Reconciliation

Payroll reconciliation is the process when you compare your payroll register with the amount you are planning to pay out to your employees to confirm those matches.

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In any organization paying your employees is mandatory and necessary so is payroll reconciliation.
The process of payroll reconciliation is quite laborious but it helps you with everything from preparing for taxes to monitoring your business expenses.


It is very important to follow the payroll reconciliation process as it pays employees correctly, avoids penalties, and keeps accurate records. It also involves multiple general ledgers accounts data such as payable payroll, expenses, liabilities, etc. 

BnC has great experience in dealing with all that payroll reconciliation needs and offers employee-friendly services. We help you by maintaining adequate records, avoiding fines, and penalties, and paying your employee correctly.

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Our payroll reconciliation services help businesses with better management in very less time with accuracy, security, and accountability.

Steps of the payroll reconciliation process


Payroll reconciliation seems nearly as big of a burden if you don’t efficiently reconcile your payroll. So here we are presenting some important steps of the payroll reconciliation process that we follow to manage this process.

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The best accounting software that we use for your bank and credit card reconciliation are:

Check the payroll register for accuracy

Confirm employee time cards

Double-check employee pay cards

Confirm payroll

Salary expenses and gross pay reflections

Record in the general

Submit payroll

Deposit taxes to the IRS (monthly or weekly)

Submit your tax return
using form 941

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