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Developing SOP's

Business Consultation

SOP Development

   SOPs Encompass

►Information that distinctly illustrates the flow of activities and tasks within the processes

►Defined and deliberate ways for conducting the processes

►Acts as a proactive measure to address risks and controls for an organization

                       Checklists & Formats

                         Documented Processes & Flowcharts

Standard Operating Procedure

                       Authority Matrices


Establish and communicate guidelines for conducting processes in an effective manner all across the organization


Clearly articulates the purpose and flow of information and documentation relevant to the business processes
Facilitates introduction of preventive controls to replace/ supplement backward looking/ reactive mechanisms


Aids in integration of business processes across various functions & locations to strengthen critical internal interfaces



Develops a common understanding of roles & responsibilities across functions & locations enabling greater efficiency & performance


Provides a basis for assisting accountability to process owners; Facilitates identification of incompatible duties & aids to enhance internal controls

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