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One of the leading providers of outsourcing services for inventory management is BnC Global, which provides services at reasonable prices. The task of inventory management has a great deal of responsibility and necessitates a proactive approach to management. Inventory management is one of the difficult duties that the company would never want to take lightly and wants to outsource. BnC Global provides innovative outsourced solutions for inventory management that keep track of products promptly and update the system as necessary.

As we all know, there are various steps involved in the inventory process before it is sent to the customer, including purchasing, stocking, issuing the production line, stocking for sales, production, and final sales. Businesses base their analysis and predicted judgements on expert analysis, inventory reports, and other data. Because it entirely depends on how customers approach each and every one of the organization's or brand's products.By offering crucial inventory management solutions, BnC excels in preventing out-of-stock situations. The most crucial part is maintaining investment in the inventory at the ideal level, and we are fully aware of these factors.

Our work is dictated by various company needs. Depending on the type of product and the stock shortfall, there may be different management styles. With a focus on production models and subtypes of inventory services including raw materials, finished goods, transportation inventory, cycle inventory, decoupling, anticipating, etc., we have a qualified team of professionals at your service.

  • Primary as well as Alternative Unit of Measurement

  • Inventory Tracking System

  • Inventory Cost Allocation

  • Batch Number and Expiry Date Tracking

  • Inventory alerts

  • Accounting tools or tie-ins

  • Reporting tools

  • And other more imperatives

  • Order picking support

  • Automatic reorder

  • Inventory forecasting tools

  • Barcoding support

  • Point of Sales Support

  • Inventory Coding System

  • Multiple Warehouse management

  • Multiple Inventory Categories

  • Multiple Pricing Strategy

  • Different Inventory Valuation options​

  • Default Accounting Allocation

BnC offers trustworthy inventory management outsourcing services that benefit businesses in the following areas:

Inventory management systems come in a wide range of price points due to their considerable variance in scope. To do the inventory tasks fast and effectively, we purchase inventory management software for small businesses. Our outsourcing services for inventory management are reasonable and have a solid track record.

BnC offers trustworthy inventory management outsourcing services that benefit businesses in the following areas:

A. Manufacturing inventory management Services


Process flow of inventory in Manufacturing:

  • The issue of the purchase order

  • Receipt of material

  • Preparation of job card and BOM by the production department

  • Submission of stock requisition by the production department to store department

  • The issue of material by store department

  • Production of finished goods

  • Quality testing

  • Sale of goods

Task orders and the Bill of Materials are used to transfer the inventory through the manufacturing process. As a result, the following requirements must be met:

  • Inventory management for raw materials and finished goods

  • Stock Issue Note Stock Requisition Note Bill of Materials

  • Warehouses for material processing

  • Assessment of the inventory is in progress.

  • Reordering automatically

  • ERP or maintenance software integrations

The inventory tracking of various jobs and tasks increases exposure to earnings and makes it easier to handle manufacturing's most challenging enterprises. Therefore, expert firms like BnC Global that offer unique inventory management solutions greatly increase corporate profitability.

The number of processes that each separate entity wants to track also affects the availability of inventory management solutions. Automatic recording, an integrated warehouse management system, and downtown tracking are all options. We can offer a variety of practical inventory management systems.

B. Services for managing warehouse inventories

The elements of the system must be varied for managing a warehouse. Locating the things fast is the main benefit of an inventory management system in a warehouse setup.
Common elements in a warehouse environment include:

  • modern barcode systems that adhere to various standards, such QR

  • Support for many locations

  • bin monitoring programmes

  • Order choosing assistance

The software-based warehouse management removes mistakes made by the human intellect. There are other additional advantages, including the ability to recognise expired items and set re-order levels.

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